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Redemption Ministries 15th September 2021 Bible Study Outline

Redemption Ministries 15th September 2021 Bible Study Outline

Redemption Ministries 15th September 2021 Bible Study Outline


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Bible Texts: Songs of Solomon 8:6-7; Matt.24:12-13; Luke 22:54-57; John 21:15-17; Rev.2:1-7

Memory Verse: “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” Rev.2:4.

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a man is “to live in the past.”  i.e always making mention of what used to be and how it used to be. Love is a unifying factor in every ramification but when it is spoken of in the past, the need to rekindle becomes very obvious.

Redemption Ministries 15th September 2021 Bible Study Outline

To rekindle means to stir up, arouse anew, ignite or cause to begin burning again!

First love is the genuine, pure and unconditional love that an individual exhibits towards one another without any reservations, strings attached or sentiments. This is the kind of love that does not see reasons to hate or explanations to act contrary to the laid down principles. The  operational model for first love is to always find a reason to do the right thing and not to blame or generate  excuses and manufacture complains where ordinarily love should have taken care. Roms 12:9


It is unstoppable, possessing incredible power to blind the beholder from seeing any wrong from what every other person is allegedly seeing. 1Sam.20:17-22; 2 Sam.1:26
It has no reservations always ready to sacrifice in order to satisfy even when it means risking his life for the sake of others. John 15:13-16.

Does not have room for restrictions. First love can be crazy and uncontrollable. Many young boys and girls engaged in first love drill have committed suicide because either of the partners betrayed the trust and confidence they had for each other. Interestingly, this same first love has witnessed two sickle cell individuals agree to marry against medical advise. The same is applicable to an intending couple who despite the HIV status of the spouse still went ahead to marry. Ruth 1:16-18

It puts God first. It was the first love that propelled the disciples who were mostly professional fishermen to AUTOMATICALLY abandon their business without a second thought on how they will survive and followed Jesus. Matt.4:18-22; John 6:67-68

It is devoid of complaints and excuses always striving to do what will please the master. Time and tide do not affect nor diminish this love. It is ever new and hot despite years of togetherness. John 4:31-34; 9:4

It does everything possible to ensure that it gets rid of anything that will stand in between his love. The basic reason for which many families today are operating as minicells, victim centers, and fault-finding companies is because of the demise of first love. Husband or wife can only fondly remember in tears the special ring tone he had for the wife when they first met and subsequently engaged.

Love was precious and at its peak. If his or her call came in when you were on another one, you will stop to pick hers/ his. An error from one partner attracted sincere and repeated apologies from both partners. No one saw any fault.  But today, eh! Only God knows how many families are long separated while cohabiting under the same roof with everyone regarded as a suspect. Oh, may we return to our first love? Matt.24:12
It breathes Peace; revitalizes sweet sleep and enhances the longevity of life.

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