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Paradise of Reflection by Chidi Obasi – Foreword

Paradise of Reflection by Chidi Obasi - Foreword

Paradise of Reflection by Chidi Obasi – Foreword


Paradise! Just the mere mention of the word stirs something deep within the heart and mind of people. We sing songs about it, hear sermons about it, and have our loved ones there. One day we expect to go there ourselves.

This is Paradise of Reflection to the author because of his personal encounters with Jesus Christ . This book reveals the personal story of brother Chidi Obasi’s past experience as a youth. Firstly, this work will help other youth to realize the importance of personally meeting God and receiving answers from him through prayers.

Secondly, these experiences will help other youths to realize the importance of a life of faith in Christ Jesus.

This book PARADISE OF REFLECTION insists that serving God and the salvation of souls should remain our consuming passion. There are not words strong enough to express the depth of my delight with Chidi Obasi’s work here, or the height of my hopes for widespread distribution of the important message. This book will surely remain a healing therapy for the youths of this generation.

I want to urge Church leaders, Pastors, and parents to secure copies to share with hurting young brothers and sisters in our Churches who are discouraged or near to giving up hope of ever finding their bearing in life.

Please do not consider this a theological thesis or a book on biblical doctrine. Just read it and enjoy it as the author’s personal experience and testimony of his past life.
Whether you are a Christian or not, PARADISE OF REFLECTION is a very moving and inspiring story that you should read with an open heart. It will help you understand more fully the mercies of God and that there is always a second chance for every man who is desperate for a sincere relationship with God.

Before seeing this book, I have already perceived the fact that God’s hand is on Chidi Obasi. God is making him one of the rising voices to speak to our youths and the generation of pastors and church leaders.

I believe you will be greatly blessed to share my discoveries in the many ways i have reflected on my personal life. Hope that this book may bring fresh passion for God and the work of God.
Pastor Levi Odumodu
Senior Pastor
Redemption Ministries
Bayelsa State

As published in 2010


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