Our Daily Manna 5th August 2021 ODM – This Church That Was Given Quit Notice 1

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ODM 5 August 2021 Our Daily Manna - This Church That Was Given Quit Notice 1

Our Daily Manna 5th August 2021 ODM – This Church That Was Given Quit Notice 1; written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe



5 August 2021 ODM Daily Manna Devotional

There used to be a church located somewhere across a popular street in Abuja, Nigeria. One of the landlords complained of the church “tormenting” residents with noise/prayers. He met the landlord of the property the church was using and BOUGHT IT. He them gave the church QUIT NOTICE! Of course some of the residents were happy but the Holy Ghost is reminding a user of today’s devotional that LACK AND POVERTY are sometimes agents of darkness. What I mean is that LACK OF MONEY CAN AFFECT EVEN GOD’S WORK NEGATIVELY!

Our Daily Manna 5 August 2021 Devotional by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

Oh, see Haggai 2: 7 – 9: “And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory,’ saith the LORD of hosts.” God’s plan is for HIS HOUSE (your life) to be filled with Glory and not GROANING! Then Vs. 8 says: “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,’ saith the LORD of hosts.” The SILVER and GOLD (money and supply) does not belong to the devil. They belong to your God. It is an insult for MONEY to INSULT YOU! Yes! It’s an insult for an occultic man or woman to buy up a church!

Vs. 9 says – “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former,’ saith the LORD of hosts: ‘and in this place will I give peace,’ saith the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 1: 17 says: “Cry yet, saying, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; ‘My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad…” THE MAIN AIM OF PROSPERITY IS NOT FOR YOU TO BUY MORE CARS, etc.God is looking for people He can BLESS/PROSPER so that His work can SPREAD! He is looking for FINANCIAL PILLARS He can use you to grow and spread forth His kingdom on planet earth.

Use today’s devotional and ask God to make you a financial pillar. THE “GLORIOUS CHILDREN CHURCH” PROJECT FOR THE CHILDREN MOUNTAIN WORSHIP HALL, PLEASE SOW INTO: “SPECIAL PROJECT ACCOUNT” (SPA) BANK: UBA ACCOUNT: 102 4044 397 or any account on page 29 of THIS BOOKLET and send email to : orderodm@gmail.com or whatsapp +234 903 264 8292. I shall send you, “UNSTOPPABLE CHILDREN PRAYERS” which include “THERE SHALL BE THE CRY OF CHILDREN IN MY HOUSE” or “SURPRISING MARITAL CONNECTION PRAYERS!” Jesus is LORD!

Prayer Points for ODM Daily Manna 5 August 2021 Devotional

1. Take Song 3: What a friend we have…
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
3. Repent from hiding your money from God.
4. Lord, use me to take away insult from Your kingdom!
5. I decree: POVERTY WILL NOT be the portion of my life,/ ministry. Pray for your CHIDREN or future CHILDREN.
6. Lord, make me a financial pillar in Your house in Jesus name.
7. Lord, visit me with a SURPRISING DIVINE SUPPLY; change my STORY FOR GOOD.
8. I shall not spend my money on sickness or accidents, etc. I shall spend it on the work of God in Jesus name.
9. Pray about today seriously now. Use pages 7-9 prayers. CANCEL THE DEATH OF A 2ND CHILD!

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM 5th August 2021 Our Daily Manna – This Church That Was Given Quit Notice 1. God bless you!

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