ODM 21st June 2021 Daily Manna – Why Did She Come?

ODM 21st June 2021 Daily Manna - Why Did She Come?

ODM 21st June 2021 Daily Manna – Why Did She Come? written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe




Let’s start today’s devotional encounter with a very important question: WHY DID THIS WOMAN IN TODAY’S DEVOTIONAL COME TO JESUS? The question seems very simple, but it is important. She came to Jesus because God had opened the door of opportunity for her to receive her deliverance and breakthrough. She came to Jesus because she wanted to receive her healing and deliverance. She came to Jesus because she believed that she would receive the solution to her problem.

Dear user of today’s devotional, THOSE THREE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT: there was an opportunity, she had a desire, and she was convinced that she would get what she wanted. Why do you pray? Why do you fast? Prayer is an opportunity to receive something from God. Millions of people have been given that opportunity but very few are making use of it. Why do you go to church? Fellowship with believers is an opportunity for you to be refreshed and nourished in the presence of God and like-minded people.

ODM 21st June 2021 Daily Manna Today

Are you making good use of that opportunity? What is your desire concerning 2021? Are you just seeing it as ‘just another year” or are you seeing it as A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO RECEIVE YOUR OPEN REWARD BREAKTHROUGH? WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE, YOU WILL GET. Thousands of people were in that street that day, but ONLY ONE WOMAN RECEIVED HER BREAKTHROUGH. WHY? Because she recognised her opportunity, she desired a breakthrough and she believed she could get it. She backed her faith with corresponding action and she was not disappointed. If you will do the same thing that this woman did, then 2021 will be described as your year! Amen!

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1. Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
2. Pray generally in your own words on today’s devotional.
3. In this year 2021, I shall not miss/waste my opportunities!
4. In 2021, my desires shall not fail and I shall possess my possessions in Jesus name.
5. Lord God, do for me what You did for this woman. Lord, take me from the crowd this year in Jesus name.
6. Pray seriously about any issue bothering your peace now.

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM 21st June 2021 Daily Manna – Why Did She Come? God bless you!

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