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ODM 20th June 2021 Daily Manna Devotional – He Is In Me! I Cannot Fail!

ODM 20th June 2021 Daily Manna - He Is In Me! I Cannot Fail!

ODM 20th June 2021 Daily Manna – He Is In Me! I Cannot Fail!




Welcome again! The Spirit of grace has asked me to remind you again that: There Is No One And Nothing That Can Rise Higher Than The Most High. There Is Nothing And No One That Can Wax Stronger Than the Most Strong. There Is Nothing And No One That Can Get Wiser Than The Most Wise. I’m Talking About Jehovah Overdo. I’m Talking About The Jehovah Who Loves You With All Of His Heart And Is Ever Ready To Lift You Higher And Higher Above Everything That Is Contending with your PEACE or any evil force planning a PIT LIFE for you: (Remember Joseph)?

Hear the words of the devil in today’s scripture(13-14): “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I WILL ASCEND ABOVE THE HEIGHTS OF THE CLOUDS; I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH.” Those were the words of the first coup plotter. How pathetic! Now, look again at what the Most High declared, “Yet, thou shall be brought down to hell, TO THE SIDES OF THE PIT”(Vs.15).

Yes! The PIT LIFE is for your haters! But always remember to SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE just after every victory! When the challenges of life are speaking stoutly against you and your destiny, always remember that YOU HAVE THE MOST HIGH GOD ON YOUR SIDE. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THOSE STORMS TO RISE ABOVE YOU AND SUBDUE YOU if the MOST HIGH DWELLS IN YOU. HE will thunder from heaven against them, and silence them forever.

Instead of your adversaries rising up against you, they will be sentenced to the sides of the pit. Refuse to give up! You are on the winning side! Pray now!!! TONIGHT PROPHETIC RAIN ONLINE PRAYER SERVICE : Join Me Online This Evening 8pm (Nigeria Time), For A Brief “Prophetic Rain/Warning” Service; To Enable You Start Your Next Week With Power! Theme: “THE INCREDIBLE GOD ON DUTY” Connect Via Instagram: o u r d a i l y m a n n a _ b i s h o p c h r i s ; F a c e b o o k : ourdailymannaworldwide.

ODM 20 JUNE 2021 PrayerPoints!
1. Take any song of victory as led now.
2. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led.
3. Every challenge and storm of life shouting and threatening to rise above me and swallow me up; be swallowed up by the fire of the Holy Ghost, NOW!!!
4. You enemy of my progress, working day and night to delay my advancement, be paralysed now; I sentence you into the pit of depression and destruction; you will NEVER recover, in Jesus name. Still pray about this 2nd quarter now.
5. The Most High God lives in me!My eyes are on Him; I cannot FAIL nor FALL! He will lift me higher and higher, day by day, in Jesus name. Pray about today now!

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM 20th June 2021 Daily Manna Devotional – He Is In Me! I Cannot Fail! God bless you!

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