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ODM 11 July 2021 Daily Manna – From Reproach To Respect! 1

ODM 11th July 2021 Sunday Daily Manna - From Reproach To Respect! 1

ODM 11 July 2021 Sunday Daily Manna – From Reproach To Respect! 1; written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe



SCRIPTURES: GENESIS 30:22-25, 1 SAMUEL 1:11-20

ODM 11 July 2021 Sunday Daily Manna by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe

Welcome to the 14-day prayer and fasting programme of this year 2021. God has resolved to eradicate and bring to an end whatever is called REPROACH in your life, family and ministry. Whatever has reproached you shall be reproached and whatever has mocked you shall be mocked this year because you are a candidate of OPEN REWARD! Yes! Jehovah God will move you from REPROACH to RESPECT, from HORROR to HONOUR and from DISGRACE to DIGNITY! The term “REPROACH” can be defined as anything, or any condition that brings shame, disgrace, ridicule or sorrow and pain into one’s life.

Rachel was constantly reproached by her elder sister Leah because she was reproductive and Rachel was childless. Oh! But Vs. 23 of today’s first scripture says: “And she conceived, and bare a son; and said, ‘God hath taken away my reproach.” In this 14-day fasting programme, the God who delivered Rachel from many years of reproach, will overturn, overturn, overturn and uproot the root of any delay that has brought reproach to your life, family and ministry in Jesus name. Hannah was mocked and ridiculed day and night by Peninnah.

Our Daily Manna ODM Devotional for 11 July 2021

Just like Hannah, there are certain things that may have made you to cover your face in shame, turn you into a laughing stock and make people to ask you, “WHERE IS YOUR GOD”? BUT THEY SHALL SCATTER BY FIRE in this fasting programme and beyond! By the ANOINTING, every REPROACH shall be turned to respect! Sow a “REPROACH TO RESPECT” PROPHETIC SEED in this fasting programme as led and pray the “REPROACH TO RESPECT PROPHETIC PRAYER PSALM” that will be sent to you for 14 days (two weeks)! I see a NEW RESPECT SEASON and I can hear the SOUND of GREAT JUBILEE in your house! Pray now!

JOIN THE DAILY BREAKING-OF-FAST PRAYERS – 8PM NIGERIA TIME! Today is the beginning of ODM WORLDWIDE 14-DAY FAST- ING PROGRAMME (July 11th-24th, 2021). THEME: “FROM RE- PROACH TO RESPECT.”PRAY THE GENERAL PRAYERS ONPAGE 97 AND PRAYERS ON PAGE 16 OF THE “WAR AGAINST HAMAN- 16” BOOKLET NOW. Also connect to theDAILY Online Break- ing-of-Fast-Services via FACEBOOK: “ourdailymannaworldwide”YOUTUBE: Manna TV Interna- tional. Time: 8 pm (Nigeria Time). BREAKING-OF-FAST/PROPHETIC RAIN SERVICE TONIGHT! OPERATION-SETTLE-YOUR-WEEK-WITH-GOD! Be ready to pray! Sometimes I am led to call NAMES and release a Prophetic WORD/direction/Warning for those who log in. Time: 8pm (Nigeria Time). Connect Via Facebook: “ourdailymannaworldwide.”

ODM 11th July 2021 PrayerPoints!

1. Take Song 2: Great is Thy faithfulness…
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
3. O Lord, do for me what You did for Rachel. Take away this reproach now (mention it) and pray seriously now.

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM 11 July 2021 Sunday Daily Manna – From Reproach To Respect! 1, written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe. God bless you!

RCCG Sunday School Student Manual for 11th July 2021 – Lesson 45

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