Joyce Meyer Devotional

Joyce Meyer 21 September 2022 Devotional || Don’t Just Be Open..Ask!

Joyce Meyer Wednesday 21st September 2022 Devotional || Don't Just Be Open..Ask!

Joyce Meyer 21 September 2022 Devotional || Don’t Just Be Open..Ask!

Read Today’s Joyce Meyer Devotional For Wednesday 21st September 2022 written by Pastor Joyce Meyer remain ever blessed Jesus is Lord forever!

Joyce Meyer 21 September 2022 Devotional

Topic: Don’t Just Be Open..Ask!

Today’s Scripture: You do not have, because you do not ask. James 4:2 (AMPC)

Today’s Word: Joyce Meyer 21 September 2022 Devotional

God loves you very much and wants to help you, but you need to ask Him to. A man told me recently that when he feels overwhelmed, he lifts up one hand toward heaven and says, “Come get me, Jesus.”

God hears the faintest cry of your heart, so stop trying to do everything on your own, and ask Him for help.

For example, the next time you are tempted
to eat because you’re upset or sad, say “no” out loud. Then go sit quietly for a moment and ask God to help you in your situation.

You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference asking makes. More often than not, you’ll find that you suddenly have the
strength to resist the temptation. But you have to really ask; you can’t just tell yourself
that you’re open to God’s help.

You may not think that God cares about
something as simple as your eating habits,
but He does. He cares about everything that
concerns you-the big as well as the small.

He wants you healthy, and He is willing to
help, if you’ll just let Him. Don’t pray to Him
to simply break your addiction; instead, pray to Him to help you find the spiritual strength to make the lifestyle changes that will set you free from the problem.

As we choose to do what is right and lean on Him to give us strength, His power enables us to follow through and experience victory.

Prayer and meditation on God’s Word are
excellent practices to nourish your spirit. It
is spiritual food. Studying God’s Word and
prayer are traditional methods of making
contact with God, but other activities can
also make you receptive to His nourishing

Read something that encourages
you and gives you hope. Keep a gratitude
journal where you list the good things that
happened to you that day (and there are
good things in every day). Feed your spirit
regularly, and you will be healthy and strong
inside and out.

Prayer of the Day: Father, thank you for
hearing my prayers, no matter how big or
how small they are. In Jesus’ name, I ask for
Your help today, amen.

Thanks for reading Joyce Meyer 21 September 2022 Devotional

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