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Joel Osteen 23 June 2022 Devotional Message

Joel Osteen Thursday 23rd June 2022 Devotional Message || Be a Blessing

Joel Osteen 23 June 2022 Devotional Message || Be a Blessing

Read Today’s Devotional Message written by Pastor Joel Osteen For Thursday 23rd June 2022 God bless you through this Devotional study in Jesus Name Amen! Please share with someone.

Joel Osteen 23 June 2022 Devotional Message

Topic: Be a Blessing

Today’s Scripture: Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27 (NIV)

Today’s Message: Joel Osteen 23 June 2022 Devotional

Today’s Scripture says that when you know you can be a blessing, when you have the resources to help a person in need, or when you can teach them the skills you’ve learned, don’t put it off.

You may think, “I can’t help them. I have to focus on fixing my own problems.” But when you make sacrifices to help other people’s dreams come to pass, God will always help make your dream come to pass. As you bless others and show them favor, God is going to bless and favor you.

Don’t live focused only on yourself–your problems, your sickness, your trouble at work. Go and be a blessing to someone in need. Sow a seed with your finances or a word of encouragement.

Go visit your coworker who’s in the hospital and pray for them. Call your friend and speak faith into their dreams. Take your elderly neighbor an evening meal.

When you help solve their problems, you’re setting a miracle in motion for yourself, and God is going to solve your problems.

Prayer For Today

Father, thank You for what You’ve brought me through that I can now use to help others to solve their problems.

Thank You that I have something to give, some blessing to impart, to help make their dreams come true. I believe You will also make my dreams come to pass. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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