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Joel Osteen 22nd December 2021 Daily Inspirational Message

Joel Osteen Daily Inspirational Message 22 December 2021

Joel Osteen 22nd December 2021 Daily Inspirational Message

Welcome to Joel Osteen Daily Inspirational Message for Wednesday 22 December 2021. God bless you through His Word in Jesus’ Name, Amen! Kindly share with other people.


The scripture says, “Call on the name of the Lord and He will answer you.” Sometimes we call on people, call on our friends, call on our spouse. They can only do so much, but when you call on the Source, the Creator of the Universe, that’s when things happen that you couldn’t make happen. God wants us to depend on Him. Watch what God will do.

Bible Verse of the Day 22nd December 2021 || Romans 2:12

Take people off the throne. People are not your source; God is your source. It’s nice when they’re good to you, it’s nice when they recognize your value, but don’t become so dependent on them that you start seeing them as your provider. Recognize that behind the resource is the Source. Behind the paycheck, behind the salary, behind the opportunity is the Most High God causing people to be good to you, causing that door to open, causing that client to seek you out. Be thankful for the resource but keep your eyes on the Source.

Click here to watch, “God Is Your Source”.

NSPPD Live Today 22 December 2021 with Pastor Jerry Eze

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