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Joel Osteen 15 August 2021 Daily Devotional – Turn The Page

Joel Osteen 15th August 2021 Sunday Devotional: Turn The Page

Joel Osteen 15th August 2021 Sunday Daily Devotional: Turn The Page



Today’s Scripture: Psalm 30:5, NKJV
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Today’s Word: Joel Osteen 15th August 2021 Sunday Devotional

The Scripture talks about how God has written every day of our life in His book. When we go through things we don’t understand, things that aren’t fair, things that are painful, it’s easy to get stuck on that page and think it’s never going to change. Can I encourage you that it’s just one chapter, not your whole book? You have to turn the page. If you keep moving forward, being your best in spite of what didn’t work out, in spite of who did you wrong, you’ll come into another chapter that has a sudden increase of God’s favor.

You’ll come into a chapter where the light comes bursting in, where the God who is a very present help in times of trouble doesn’t just show up, but He shows out. He does more than you can imagine. One day you’ll look back and say, “God, I didn’t like it, but without that difficulty I wouldn’t have seen the new house, the promotion, or the new level. Joy came in the morning.”

Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that in times of trouble, in times of weeping, when I don’t see the way out, I can know that it’s only for a night, for a chapter of my life. You will come bursting in with light and help. I believe that I have Your favor, and as I turn the page, joy will come. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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