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Joel Osteen 13 August 2021 Daily Inspirational Message

Joel Osteen 13th August 2021 Daily Inspirational Message

Joel Osteen Daily 13 August 2021 Inspirational Message


You have incredible power. Not only can your faith take you places that you’ve never dreamed, but you can help someone else become all they were created to be. There will be times in your life where you feel like you don’t have the faith, you don’t see how you can move forward.

The good news is God will have someone there for you to borrow their faith, that will believe for you when you can’t believe. My challenge is to be a friend with faith. Then, you’re sowing a seed for when you face obstacles that seem too big, when you feel overwhelmed, when the dream seems impossible. There will be a friend with faith there for you.

Joel Osteen Daily 13 August 2021 Inspirational Message

We fight too many battles that don’t matter. “They’re talking about me; I’m going to set them straight.” But when you get them fixed, somebody else will start talking. Here’s what I’ve learned, nobody talks about people that aren’t doing anything. Nobody tries to discredit someone that has no influence. Take it as a compliment. The reason they’re talking is because you’re a difference maker, you’re a world changer. They can see your influence, your gifts, and the favor on your life. The brighter the light, the more the heat. The higher you go, the more people can see you.

In my upcoming book: You Are Stronger Than You Think, you will be encouraged to unleash the power to go bigger, go bold, and go beyond what limits you.
God is on your side!

Don’t miss this powerful message, “Friends with Faith” from Joel!

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