In Touch Devotional 16 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

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In Touch Devotional 16 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 16 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

Read Today’s Daily Devotional For Monday 16th January 2023 written by Dr. Charles Stanley God bless you as you study and meditate on His Word Amen! Kindly share with others.

Monday Reflection: Misplaced Priorities
When our top priority is to please God with our life, we can expect treasure in heaven.

Scripture: Luke 12:13-21

TODAY’S MESSAGE: In Touch Daily Devotional

Jesus’ parable of the foolish wealthy man is a study in misplaced priorities. The man neglected God and spent his life greedily accumulating treasure for himself on earth. Then he died with no opportunity to enjoy his goods. But worse than that, he died with a bankrupt soul.

Serving the Lord is the key to setting goals that will benefit us eternally. The question we ought to ask is not What shall I do? but, rather, What does God want me to do? The answer—which should be prayerfully sought and biblically evaluated—dictates which things we must put first to please the Lord.

Life isn’t something that simply happens to us. Where we are today is largely determined by the priorities we set previously. This means we can also begin the process of re-evaluating them according to biblical guidelines and changing those that are misplaced.

What do you prioritize in life? There’s nothing wrong with having earthly plans and goals, but we should also store up treasure in heaven, which can never be lost. Our top priority should be to live a life that honors the Lord.

Bible in One Year: Exodus 1-3


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