In Touch Devotional by Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 14 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 14 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 14 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

Read Today’s Daily Devotional For Saturday 14th January 2023 written by Dr. Charles Stanley God bless you as you study and meditate on His Word Amen! Kindly share with others.

Today’s Topic: God’s Great Providence
Even when we don’t understand the mind of God, we can trust the heart of God.

Scripture: John 6:43-51

TODAY’S MESSAGE: In Touch Daily Devotional

I was signing books one day when a young man came forward for an autograph. He told me he had been on the verge of killing himself but then heard me speaking on television about suicide. After listening, he laid the gun down and dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.

I’ve heard similar stories of the Lord’s intervention in other lives. God does this by leading a person to the gospel. The messenger isn’t responsible for the individual’s salvation. Only God can draw someone to Himself, transform a heart, and change a sinner into a saint.

The world talks about accidents, luck, and fate, but all these terms imply we’re victims of circumstance. The truth is, God is sovereign, and the entire world is under His control. Anything that enters our life—whether it’s blessing or trial—comes because the Lord has a use for it in His plan, which is always for our good.

Sometimes we wonder why God doesn’t put an end to our troubles and hardships; He has the power to do so. But He’s working every event in our life according to the counsel of His will. We won’t understand it all until we see Him in glory. So until then, we must trust Him and His good purposes.

Bible in One Year: Genesis 46-48


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