In Touch Devotional 13 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

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In Touch Devotional 13 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

In Touch Devotional 13 January 2023 | Dr Charles Stanley

Read Today’s Daily Devotional For Friday 13th January 2023 written by Dr. Charles Stanley God bless you as you study and meditate on His Word Amen! Kindly share with others.

Today’s Topic: God’s Greatness: A Source of Comfort
The Lord is bigger than any problem you face today.

Scripture: Psalm 145:1-21

TODAY’S MESSAGE: In Touch Daily Devotional

Never take God’s greatness for granted, as it’s a source of comfort for all who take refuge in Him. The Lord is immeasurably beyond us in all ways, yet He says, “I dwell in a high and holy place, and also with the contrite and lowly of spirit” (Isaiah 57:15). If you’re a Christian, He’s your refuge, sustainer, and protector.

Comfort and strength for life come as you dwell on God’s amazing attributes.

He is omnipresent (Psalm 139:7-12). Even when you feel isolated or friendless, you’re not alone. In fact, after placing trust in Jesus, you’ve never been apart from God for so much as a single moment.

God’s understanding is infinite (Psalm 147:5). He knows everything, including your feelings and needs. You may not understand what’s going on in your life, but the Lord knows and will give the strength and guidance you need.

The Lord never changes (Malachi 3:6). Since His character is constant, you can always trust that He will be faithful, gracious, and merciful to you in every situation.

When we recall the greatness of God and meditate on His attributes, our problems become smaller, the Lord becomes greater, and His comfort surrounds and sustains us.

Bible in One Year: Genesis 42-45


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