David Ibiyeomie Teaching on The Miracle Power of Joy

David Ibiyeomie Teaching on The Miracle Power of Joy
Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministeries

David Ibiyeomie Teaching on The Miracle Power of Joy

The Pastor David Ibiyeomie teaching on the miracle power of joy is part of the series of Faith for Manifestation. He exposes the mysteries behind living a joyful live to experience supernatural turnaround.

The miracle power of joy can works wonder in the life of a believer cannot be overemphasized. For any believer to enjoy God, their praise must be on the foundation of joy.

David Ibiyeomie outlined four miracle power of joy that will help the believer to be successful.

1. Joy provokes Supernatural intervention
He said joy provokes the presence of God, don’t allow depression set in because God stays away from you.

2. Joy grants access to depth of revelation See Isaiah 12:3, 2 Corinthians 12:7

With the life of Paul, he said joy is important to get understanding from the word of God.

3. Divine direction is guarantee by joy: See Isaiah 20:29 – 30

To get direction, a believer should live in joy and express themselves in joy.

4. Joy provokes Supernatural victory: See Psalm 5:11, Psalm 32:11

God’s servants exposed five areas of understanding the miracle power of joy to our health.

1. Custodian of divine health: See Proverbs 17:22

Take out depression, always be with a merry health to have good health. Your level of joy determines your health level. Learn to laugh because frown affects you.

Joy gives healing.

2. Joy gives supernatural strength. See Neh 8:10
Strength, health and vitality are products of the joy of the Lord. Jesus wept but didn’t allow joy to leave him.

3. Joy brings supernatural harvest – Joel 1:11 – 12, Psalm 67:6
Your harvest is impossible without joy; joy secures. Joy is a multiplier of harvest, be consciously joyful.

4. Joy brings supernatural intelligent. See Genesis 41:31
With the lives of Joseph and Solomon as super intelligent characters. They never allowed their circumstances to affect them.

5. Joy guarantees reward for profitable stewardship. See Deut 28:47 – 48, Matt. 11:6, Phil 2:14

Stay away from murmuring, reward for service only comes through joy.

With this understanding the miracle power of joy, take up a song and dance to the glory of God. Be intentionally, as you position your mind on those challenges expecting a change. God bless you.

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