Billy Graham Devotions

Billy Graham 27 June 2022 Devotions || Who Am I?

Billy Graham Monday 27th June 2022 Devotions || Who Am I?

Billy Graham 27 June 2022 Devotions || Who Am I?

Welcome to Billy Graham Devotions For Monday 27th June 2022 remain blessed as you study and meditate on God’s Word Jesus is Lord forever! Kindly share with others.

27 June 2022 Billy Graham Devotions

Topics: Soul & Spirit

Today’s Scripture: What a glorious Lord! He who daily bears our burdens also gives us our salvation. Psalm 68:19 (TLB)

Today’s Message: Billy Graham 27 June 2022 Devotions

Edward Dahlberg, the writer, observed, “At 19, I was a stranger to myself. At 40, I asked, ‘Who am I?’ At 50, I concluded I would never know.” This unexplored personal wilderness is the home of millions of people.

Ninety-two percent of all Canadian university students, according to June Callwood, the Toronto sociologist, don’t really know who they are. The Bible says that man is an immortal soul.

When God made man in the first place, He created him and “breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Genesis 2:7).

One’s soul is the essence, the core, the eternal and real person. And he will be restless until he opens his life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

You are a masterpiece created by God Himself. Do you have a relationship with your Creator?

Watch this video on your purpose in life.

Prayer For The Day

Almighty God, knowing I am Your child is all the assurance I need.

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