Billy Graham 10th March 2023 – Not Good Enough

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Billy Graham 10th March 2023 – Not Good Enough

Billy Graham 10th March 2023 – Not Good Enough

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Topic: Not Good Enough

Today’s Scripture: . . . not having mine own righteousness . . . —Philippians 3:9

Today’s Word: Billy Graham 10 March 2023 Devotions

People go through many doors which do not lead to the Kingdom of God. Some try the door of good works. They say, “I can get to heaven if I only do enough good things, because God will honor all the good things I do.” It’s wonderful to do good things, but we cannot do enough good things to satisfy God. God demands perfection, and we’re not perfect.

If we’re going to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to be absolutely perfect. You ask, “Well, how will I ever be perfect?” We need to be clothed in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus. There is one door to the Kingdom and it’s Jesus. And we will never get to heaven unless we go His way.

“Am I Good Enough to Get Into Heaven?” Read Billy Graham’s Answer.

Prayer For The Day: Almighty God, there is nothing I can do to be worthy of Your love, and yet You have given me Jesus—my Savior and Lord!


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