10 Success Tips From the Life of Joseph, Son of Jacob

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10 Success Tips From the Life of Joseph, Son of Jacob

10 Success Tips From the Life of Joseph, Son of Jacob

Joseph’s life from childhood to becoming a Prime Minister in Egypt provides 10 success tips for any young person to emulate. Despite the challenges in his father’s house and sold as a slave, it never deter him from achieving all he has dreamt of.

These lessons, if properly applied will turn a nobody to a somebody especially young persons. Let this short exhortation fire up something in your spirit to be different. Joseph’s story is full of challenges but he had the right foundation to position him for success.

1. Joseph is a God fearing young man – Genesis 39:9

From a young age, Joseph grew with the fear of God as taught by his father, Jacob. He stayed away from sin.

2. He is hardworking – Gen 41:49, 39:11

To be successful is to be hardworking. Joseph didn’t just rise to the top in life. Many young persons are unwilling to work. Just like, Joseph, let your handiwork be your access to greatness.

3. He is a good manager – Genesis 39:4, 22

From his father’s house, Joseph has learnt managerial skills to manage a nation. He was good manager of himself, time and resources. People are waiting for bigger opportunity without effectively managing the small.

4. He is morally upright – Genesis 39:8

Joseph had a test of his faith when Portipher’s wife approach him to lay with her. But for his strong moral upbringing, he stood against her and landed in jail.

5. He is caring, shows concern for humanity – Genesis 40:6 – 7

Today, humanity is fading away. The love of self is making many loose their consciousness that we don’t live for ourselves but for others. Materialism has beclouded our sense of love for humanity.

Joseph, even when Portipher treated him wrong, he didn’t treat his co-prisoners wrong. He cared for them. He look out for them.

6. He is humble – Genesis 45:5

One striking character, you cannot take away from Joseph is humility. And scriptures were fulfilled in his life.

7. He is forgiving – Genesis 45:5, 50:20,21

Forgiveness is not about the offender but your owe freedom. If Joseph had not forgiven his brothers, he would have caged his owe destiny and success.

8. Joseph is loving – Genesis 45:15

Love is at the foundation of Joseph’s action. He is an unconditional lover of men. He loves his family and people around him. He succeeded in Egypt because his heart is full of genuine love.

9. Joseph is gifted and he used the gift to help humanity – Genesis 45:5

He has the gift of interpretation of dreams. He didn’t hoard when his services are needed. Joseph didn’t ask Portipher for money to interpret dreams or to manage the economy of Egypt. Develop your gifts than the blessings will follow.

10. Joseph is a dreamer

As a young man, Joseph had many dreams. His dreams provoked jealousy, hatred, and envy even in his father’s house. Therefore, you must keep dreaming to see the future.


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